BioTECK - Supplier for The Netherlands & Belgium

Our Dutch stockists Bioteck at the Zeeuwse Spring Fair at Het Kathuis - The Netherlands 21 & 22 April 2018

Andre van der Werff founded BioTECK in 2012 after working for 24 years within the international detergent and cosmetics industry. BioTECK, in comparison present to the detergent & cosmetics industry trends, solely uses (unprocessed, honest) ingredients that are readily available from nature, in order to serve individuals with allergic reactions to artificial chemical based products or solve problems not solved by mass produced detergents. Therefore the strapline of BioTECK is: Let Nature Work For You.

The initial start was made with small scale production of domestic cleaners, skin mild, based upon  a mix of class 1 bacteria (EU directive 2000/54/EC) to combat odours resulting from germs growing on human and animal urine. The product range quickly evolved with products for camper and caravanning toilets, septic tanks, drains, fat traps, bathrooms, washrooms, kitchens, reuse water tanks, ventilation channels and general purposes. Typical professional users are: animal shelters, nursing homes, car and truck wash, pubs-bars-restaurants, but also private users that have pets or face mould or unpleasant smells in bathrooms, kitchens, house and vehicles.


While the client base was growing, BioTECK,  as an “interactive people-connected-company” received an increasing number of requests for skin care and cleansing products.  To satisfy these requests an intensive market survey was executed.


Airmid (represented by Tina and Kevin and their philosophy) are a natural snug fit to what the BioTECK clients want.  So you should not be surprised to hear that BioTECK is very proud to represent the Airmid products within the Benelux.  


Andre van der Werff